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About Our Company

Tayyab Trading Corporation Pvt. Limited has been in existence for over 25 years.  Since our inception, we have focused on delivering solutions to complex business problems that help drive our customer’s business forward and deliver insights.

With a diverse portfolio that spans a customer base across both the public and private sectors, we have the requisite certifications and registrations to successfully deliver in both.

Our aim is to partner with organizations that are looking to leverage Technology and Data to drive their business growth and create Intelligent Business Process Automation.

Our key business segments include Law Enforcement, Banking, Telcos, Retail Enterprises, Research labs and Electronic and Electrical manufacturers. Every industry that we are involved in presents us with new challenges that call for industry specific project management skills to deliver against our clients needs. Our ability to deliver top end equipment sourced both locally and from abroad coupled with experienced industry specific project management ensures that we deliver on both the commercial and technical fronts thereby setting us apart from our competition.

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Tayyab Trading Corporation offers a wide range of solutions to both the government and private sectors and is dedicated to the provision of industry-leading enterprise-level solutions in both spheres.

With our team of experienced personnel in the trading field together with our insight into global commodity trends, we have been successful in bidding and winning a large volume of tender contracts.

We work with a number of carefully chosen suppliers around the world with the aim of delivering business ROI with a great customer experience.


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Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across industries and business functions Tayyab Trading Corporation collaborates with clients to help them become high performance businesses and governments.

Working together with buyers with just about every aspect of the project helps us establish solid business relationships with our clients. Our specialists provide improvement as well as differentiated capabilities that enable our clients to create worth and strengthen their business efficiency.

Over the last two decades client satisfaction has been at the forefront of every project that we have undertaken. We have not only delivered on our promises but have also delivered beaming smiles of satisfaction to our clients that obliges them to say that not only are we good we are the best

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