Petroleum Testing Instruments

Reliability and conformity with strict regulatory compliance are at the heart of any business that requires Petroleum testing. If you are such an organisation Tayyab Trading is a company that you can rely on both in terms of reliability and compliance. Our highly innovative Petroleum Testing solutions (available in both automated and manual flavours) lead the industry in terms of consistent accuracy and user convenience.

We have the ability to provide you with a full spectrum of Petroleum testing products that have been developed using industry best practices that allow you to conduct mission critical and bespoke analysis.

Petroleum testing instruments — built in accordance to — ASTM, ISO, IP, DIN, FTM, and many more specifications

Petroleum Testing
  • Our individually heated tube technology allows independent control for each test position in one single analyser; thus allowing multiple tests to be run at different start times and temperatures.
  • We provide fully automated analysers for rust corrosion, cloud point, pour point, cold filter plugging point (CFPP), freeze point and data acquisition.
  • We provide instruments for the testing of diesel fuels, jet fuels, lubricant oils, and greases such as automatic transmission fluids (ATF) and hydraulic gear oils.
  • We provide specialised instruments for low temperature Brookfield viscosity, kinematic viscosity, low temperature filterability, foaming tendency, and oxidation stability of oils.