Absolute:SmartSite is designed to monitor and manage telecom network provider’s systems, collect and store system status data, as well as to notify users or administrators on changes in system status and state.

Practically, Absolute:SmartSite is made of hardware controllers «Absolute: SmartSite» that are deployed at customer’s site and perform data collection and local management of controlled objects and software modules, which manage the aforementioned controllers, as well as perform processing and storage of data that is collected from managed objects.

Controllers are connected to the telecom service provider’s network through Ethernet. In case if Ethernet network goes down, the controllers switch to backup channel that runs through the mobile operator’s network.

Remote Site Monitoring


Absolute: Integration Module

This module is responsible for integration with Absolute: SmartSitek controllers, as well as with the other operator’s systems. Integrated systems may include: data storage, CRM, mail and SMS servers.

The module ensures communication and interaction with third party information systems using SOAP\XML. It is also possible to use SMPP in order to send SMS messages.

Absolute: Monitoring and Management Module

The core of Absolute HSMaMS is responsible for collecting, processing and storing information from managed objects. It also stores all relevant information on managed objects and settings that are used by Absolute HSMaMS.

  • Provides setup and status management interface for Absolute HSMaMS.
  • Provides controller setup interface.
  • Provides monitoring interface for controlled objects

Absolute: Authorization Module

Implementation of password policy (access for authorized users only, password strength check, password reset management, etc.)

User account management (blocking, denial of multiple simultaneous logins for each account, user group management, etc.)

Built-in authorization and user authentication system and single sign-on (SSO) support.

Auto-logout on session timeout.

Access control for separate work stations based on assigned rights; data access restriction according to specified access levels.

User activity logging


Absolute: Reports Module

The module is used to create and provide reports, including:

  • statistical reports;
  • Absolute HSMaMS status reports.

The reports may be generated automatically and on demand.

The module allows to:

  • generate and send scheduled reports;
  • manage access to reports in accordance with user rights;
  • log report requests from users;
  • generate reports for specified time periods (reports are generated for the information that is at least 5 (five) minutes old)
  • display statistical information in graphic charts.


Absolute: Notification Module

The module ensures interaction with SMS-center or mail server in order to send text messages or e-mails upon processing events, related to status change of controlled objects.

Notification module is able to generate messages based on occurred events, as well as monitors message delivery status.

Provides control over the delivery of messages.

Absolute: WEB-server

The WEB-server provides access to Absolute HSMaMS web-interfaces.

Absolute HSMaMS software modules have been developed using LAMP technology: Linux+ Apache+MySQL+PHP. There is a possibility to deploy web-server on Windows.

Software module installation may be carried out on the hardware server and on the virtual machine. Executing several copies of software modules allows using existing hardware in a more effective way, as well as furnishing additional back-up capabilities.

«Absolute» Controllers

«Absolute: SmartSite» industrial programmable controller is used in local and distributed automated technical process monitoring and management systems, as well as autonomously, in order to monitor and manage controlled objects.

The controller allows monitoring and managing base station infrastructure without the need to install additional controllers and expansion modules. By using this controller you will be able to cut down operating costs, increase reliability, quality, improve base station hardware operation and prolong inter-repair periods, increase network’s durability.

The controller is mono-block device and can be mounted in a standard electric cabinet using DIN connectors (full size is 12 modules) or may be also attached to a wall. The device features 70 analogue inputs, digital inputs, digital outputs, 16 built-in relays, RS485, RS232, CAN, Ethernet, 1-Wire interfaces, as well as a replaceable WiFi or GSM/GPRS module and a built-in interface for local PC access. Controller’s specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.