UPS, AVR & Line Conditioners

Tayyab Trading’s Power Conditioning solutions are designed with the main focus of delivering OPEX savings to your business.

Whether you are a Telecommunications company, Bank, Educational Institute or a large scale business the provision of uninterrupted power supply compliant with grade 1 health and safety features is essential to your end user’s customer experience. With every deployment we ensure that we address power concerns around Surge Suppression, Line Noise Reduction, Harmonic Filtering, Short Circuit Protection and Phase to Phase voltage balancing.

With over two decades of experience in the power sector we bring unparalleled knowledge and industry know how. Our power client portfolio boasts large scale deployments to clients like Wateen, Warid Telecom, Ufone, Mobilink and the Lahore College University to name a few.

We provide turn key solutions that comprise of (but are not limited to):

  • Isolation Transformers 
  • Variable Transformers 
  • Line Conditioners 
  • Batteries
  • Rectifiers
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)

So if you are looking to secure your or mission-critical equipment we have the  solution for you. Talk to us today to reduce OPEX and earn the trust of the your clients.

Low Frequency UPS

1-20KVA UPS(1:1)
6-30KVA UPS(3:1)
8-100KVA UPS(3:1)
6-400KVA UPS(3:3)

High Frequency UPS

1-10KVA Online UPS(1:1)
10-20KVA Online UPS(3:1)
10-30KVA Online UPS(3:3 PF:0.8)
40-120KVA Online UPS(3:3 PF:0.9)