Managing your fleet day to day is hard enough. Anticipating the future? That seems impossible. But that’s exactly what we do at iFleet Fleet Management. Managing your vehicles and your drivers can be simpler, faster and way less expensive.

iFleet connects you to your vehicles and serves real- time data to help you slash fuel spend, monitor drivers and simplify dispatching. By flagging and logging wasteful driver behaviors, the platform can help you progressively reduce your fuel spend. You can even see how much you could save by eliminating inefficient driving behaviors – such as rapid acceleration, idling and harsh braking.

Our best in class EU certified hardware is engineered to connect seamlessly with our best in class software to deliver unparalleled ROI to your business at scale. By combining Analytics, Fleet Telematics and our industry expertise, we keep an eye out for what’s on the way – and how to make the most of it.

It could transform your business.  


Not convinced? Here’s a rundown of some of  our  most powerful features.

Asset Tracking
Fuel Management
Driving Behaviors
Task Assignment
Real-time Alerts

Intuitive & Custom Dashboards

Real-Time Dashboards for tracking & monitoring of all business activities, fleet usage and workforce effectiveness.

Key Performance Indicator's measured accurately

  • Success
  • Fail

Diverse Range of Solutions